Self Care

As part of the process of taking more time and prioritising the things that matter to us, we have to remember that taking care of ourselves is important too.

I randomly stumbled upon these Aloe Vera based products after I watched one too many videos on YouTube and got scared about the perils of using a toothpaste containing fluoride. A quick search and I found my saviour, Forever’s Fluoride Free Toothgel. Granted, it wasn’t the sexiest of reasons to open the door to these wonderful products, but open the door it did.

Aloe Vera is often referred to as nature’s best gift because of the proven health benefits derived from its gel, and with Aloe Vera featuring as a key ingredient in all of Forever’s products, it’s clear to see why they’re perfect if you’re wanting to treat yourself (and your body) in the way you deserve.

From everyday items such as shampoo, shower gel and eye cream, down to the more indulgent treats such as face masks and bath salts, Forever has all of the bases covered. I’ve picked out a few of my favourite products below, but be sure to check out my shop for the full range 😊

My Favourites

If you’re anything like me, you’ll love a relaxing soak in the bath to unwind after a long day, and what better way to indulge than by creating the ultimate bathing experience with this aromatic blend of Dead Sea salt, lavender and essential oils all designed to soak away life’s worries.

Next is a collection of essential oils specially blended to soothe and promote inner calm. For me, nothing beats the relaxing scent of Lavender diffusing into the room while I’m meditating or starting the day with a little Lemon essential oil to uplift and energise.

Whether it’s environmental stress, a long day, or the weather that has your face feeling drab and dry, the Forever Marine Mask can deeply cleanse and replenish the skin whilst balancing texture. With the moisturising and conditioning properties of aloe vera, honey, cucumber extract and natural sea minerals, this deep penetrating mask leaves the skin feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Last up is what my Mum has nicknamed the ‘magic potion’. A drinking gel that boasts 99.7% inner leaf aloe gel which has been lovingly extracted by hand so you can experience the true power of nature.

Aloe is not only great for the skin and the immune system, but it’s also an ideal digestive aid, so the gel provides what I like to call a little healing from the inside out.

For all this and more, check out my Forever store where you’ll find quality products made from natural and GM-free ingredients.

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