The Boy on the Shed

I attended an event where Paul Ferris was speaking about his book, The Boy on the Shed. He used his 45 minutes on stage to give the audience a whistle-stop tour of his life story. From growing up surrounded by the troubles in Northern Ireland, to debuting at sixteen for Newcastle United before an injury ended his career early, he talked about the ups and downs of his life to date, including his recent health issues with both heart attacks and prostate cancer. His story was peppered with mentions of famous footballers such as Alan Shearer and Kevin Keegan and he was remarkably vulnerable when he talked about how hard the death of his mother hit him.

It was an extraordinary tale and despite his life being marred by so much tragedy, his story is clearly one of reinvention, resilience and never giving up. One quote in particular has stuck with me and that’s ‘in the darkest moment, there is always a moment of light.”

I think this is something we can all be mindful of! There is always something to be grateful for, no matter how hard you have to look. For Paul, he continuously mentioned his amazing wife, Geraldine, who has been the rock by his side throughout everything. Who or what is it that creates the light during your darkest moments? Are there any specific examples that come to mind?

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