Winners vs. Whiners

I read an article by Ramit Sethi recently which talked about the difference between winners and whiners. He explained that whiners have excuse after excuse at hand to explain why certain things aren’t possible for them, while winners tend to just crack on and adapt to the circumstances around them.

Hands up if anyone else has found themselves arguing for their limitations… I know I do this when I feel backed into a corner and I’d much rather stay in the safety of my comfort zone instead of pushing myself out of it.

We’re all guilty of allowing ourselves to stay stuck from time-to-time and whining about our circumstances can provide temporary relief and help us to feel better about our current situation, but I find that it’s short lived. Soon enough, I’m feeling frustrated once again and wanting to strive for more. Anyone else feel this way? If so, how could you change your approach to something that’s frustrating you in your life and adapt to your circumstances like a winner would?

Remember, if you’re arguing and making a strong case to stay where you are right now, you’re never going to evolve past your current circumstances.

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An organisation coach specialising in regaining control at work. Replace feeling stressed and overwhelmed with a calm and confident can-do attitude.

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