Sunset Yoga

My hen do was last weekend and while every moment was completely perfect, one of the stand out highlights was definitely sunset yoga on the beach. I’ve never taken a yoga class in that kind of setting before and it was absolutely amazing. Our teacher, Johanna Hellinger, was delightful and she effortlessly designed a class which catered for my friends who had never sat on a yoga mat before, as well as those of us who were a little more experienced.

Johanna mentioned gratitude throughout the class and I have to say that sharing that wonderful experience with my closest friends is something that’s still making me smile now. I have never felt so grounded and at peace as I did hearing the sounds of the waves lapping against the shore, breathing in the fresh sea air and feeling the sand under my hands and feet.

It got me thinking because yoga is something I do a lot, but I’m often just following along to a YouTube video on my living room floor. A change in scenery really helped me to connect more deeply to my practice and it was a completely different experience to what I’m used to. Is there an activity that is part of your usual routine that would also benefit from a change in setting? How could you mix things up a little to help you reconnect to it more fully?

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