Speak Up!

There’s a video I’ve seen on Instagram where Mel Robbins was speaking directly to women on International Women’s Day. In it she was telling us to stop transcribing the meetings we attend word-for-word. We believe we’re being diligent but she explained that when we’re poised to take notes, our body language implies that we’re not really there to participate.

Anyone else guilty of doing this? This struck a nerve with me because I know I am!

Taking notes makes me feel involved, but I know deep-down that it’s just the shy girl inside me trying to look busy so I don’t get picked on. It’s a behaviour I learned because it helped me to feel less vulnerable in situations where there was the potential that I would have to contribute, but it’s not something that I’ve adapted as I’ve grown in confidence.

I need to make sure I become more present in my meetings by taking less notes and being ready to share with any interesting points that come to mind. If Mel’s point also rings true for you, make a pact with yourself to only take down key bullet pointed notes in your next meeting and speak up!

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