Judging Someone

There’s a billboard that I drive past on my way to work each morning and the latest advert to appear there is for Amazon Prime. While I like the premise of the campaign with the strapline ‘great shows stay with you’, I have to admit that I’m not keen on this particular iteration. It shows three women doing their make-up in a public bathroom and two of the women are looking both shocked and disgusted as another woman puts on heavy eye make-up to make herself look like one of the characters in the TV show, Vikings.

When was the last time you judged someone for their appearance?

In my eyes, the advert seemed to reinforce the fact that, as women, we’re often our own worst enemy and are more critical of one another than the opposite sex are. It also highlighted that, as a society, we prevent people from expressing themselves fully because it doesn’t tie in with expected societal norms.  

I know we’re all guilty of judging one another and that’s why it works well as an advert, but in what ways do you think you could try to be less judgemental as you go about your routine today?

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