An Entrepreneurial Trait

On Monday I attended Newcastle Startup Week and the theme for the day was inspiration. A variety of speakers, all of whom are successful entrepreneurs, talked about their journey to success, their failures along the way, and how to stay positive and focused on your goals during the inevitable ups and downs.

No matter the business owner, the business sector, or the speaking topic, a common theme emerged in each speech and that was the inherent need to believe in yourself even when others don’t.

Who here is guilty of caring a little bit too much about what people think? I know I am.

As I listened to each speaker share their story, it became very clear that each and every one of them had ignored the opinions of others at some point in their career. Whether it was a parent, a friend or a spouse, the speakers explained that they had chosen to disregard any concerns those close to them had raised and they carried on regardless.

Entrepreneurs by their very nature take bold risks and are willing to move outside of societal norms and take a chance on themselves. Is there anything in your life that you’re not pursuing because someone close to you thinks it’s a bad idea? How would you approach it if you had the mindset of an entrepreneur. What would you do if you were the type of person that takes risks?

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