Find What Feels Good!

On Sunday night I did some yoga before bed and it made me realise that even when I think I’m relaxed, I’m really not.

The Yoga with Adriene video I watched asked you to ensure you were in the comfiest outfit possible, so I put on my pyjamas and started following along on YouTube. I thought I had given myself permission to relax fully and completely by making the decision to do some restful yoga before bed, but it was interesting to see just how much resistance was still there.

At the start, Adriene explains that the purpose of the video is to help you forget about any troubles and stresses from the day, and throughout she recites her mantra: ‘find what feels good’. Whenever she repeated this phrase, she also reminded viewers that they should not be straining to hold any of the poses, but instead, they should be finding what feels good to them and relaxing into each one in their own way. Every time she said this, I realised that I could relax into each pose that little bit more. Whether I was forcing a twist too much or holding a bridge pose too tightly, I needed the reminder that I wasn’t on my yoga mat to push myself, I was there to relax.

This got me thinking about how it could also correlate to other areas of my life and how I might be able relax into those that little bit more too.

What about you? Is there anywhere in your life where you know you’re holding onto things too much? What changes do you think you could make to help you ease your approach and unwind a little?

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