Where I am is fine

Last week one of my desk calendar’s daily notes read:

Highly functioning people say, “Where I am is fine, but I can grow.”

I liked this for a number of reasons. Firstly because it served as a good reminder that there is always the space for us to evolve, and secondly because it made me think about where my life is right now and understand that everything really is fine. In a world where we’re trained to thrive on the highs and anything less than that is seen as a cause for concern, it was nice to be reminded that fine is alright too. The other thing I liked about this note was the use of the word ‘can’. ‘I can grow’ – meaning that it’s your choice. If you focus your mind and your efforts, you will reap the rewards.

How do you think taking stock of where you are right now would serve you?

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An organisation coach specialising in regaining control at work. Replace feeling stressed and overwhelmed with a calm and confident can-do attitude.

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