Before I knew you existed…

I recently started watching The Blacklist and while I knew I’d started the series before, I couldn’t remember where I’d got to because it was years ago. Alex asked exactly how long it had been and I jokingly said that it was before I even knew he existed.

After writing about how people can make lasting impressions without realising it last week, this got me thinking about how much life can change in just a short period of time. With Alex being at the heart of my future, it seemed strange to be reminded of a time in my life when he didn’t factor into any decisions that I made.

Sometimes people enter our lives for fleeting moments, sometimes they stay for longer than we’d want, and sometimes, just sometimes, we meet people that we hope will stick around forever.

At the moment, I feel incredibly lucky because my mum has just moved closer to me meaning she can pop round for a cup of tea whenever she likes; I’ve had a lovely lunch date with my Dad and a fabulously drunken dinner with my Maid of Honour recently; I have a day out planned with my Nana, I’ve just heard the news that a close friend is moving closer to the North East and, of course, the countdown to when I get to marry Alex is well and truly on.

In order to encourage those who we want to stay forever to do just that, we have to remember to remind them just how much they are treasured. So, with that in mind, do you have anyone special in your life that needs a little reminder of how much they mean to you?

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