Lasting Impressions

A reiki teacher I knew in London got in touch recently to say she was planning a healing energy share and my heart lifted a little when I saw her message. Her classes undoubtedly used to be the highlight of my week, with her bubbly energy never failing to brighten my day.

Back when she knew me, it’s fair to say that I felt a little lost with where I was at in my life – not unhappy but not happy either. Being able to catch up with her and hear about how much her life has changed since we last saw each other in person was wonderful, as was being able to share all of the amazing things that have happened to me since I moved up to Newcastle.

It got me thinking about how we never really know how much of a lasting impression we make on those around us. I knew Louise for a matter of months and yet seeing her name pop up in my inbox made me feel exactly how I used to feel when I was in her presence – calm, content and completely reassured that everything would be okay.

In a similar vein to the closing question on my recent post about making sure we’re reaching out and talking to our friends when we need to, who could you reach out to that you haven’t spoken to for ages? Is there someone who you know would love to hear from you? If so, start the conversation and brighten their day a little 😊

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