Falling Out of Routine

Anyone else noticed how easy it is to fall out of your routine?

For most of last year, I religiously posted on my blog twice a week, every week. Over Christmas I decided to give myself a little break from writing so that I could enjoy the festive period, but that week long interlude seems to have stretched on and on. I’ve now found myself approaching the end of January only to realise that I haven’t written a thing for over a month.

I started my blog because writing makes me really happy and it’s one of the only creative outlets that I have. Instead of treasuring this in turbulent times, I have fallen into the trap of allowing this to be the first thing that falls by the way side when times get tough – and busy.

Now that I can see the wood for the trees and things seem to have settled down in all areas of my life, I am finally back at it and loving every cathartic minute of putting pen to paper.

What’s something in your life that you’ve been making excuses about not doing? What could you prioritise today that will make you feel 100% better if you do?

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An organisation coach specialising in regaining control at work. Replace feeling stressed and overwhelmed with a calm and confident can-do attitude.

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