How much of your life are you living on autopilot?

Over the past few months, as wedding planning has taken over and I’ve also found the time to revise for exams, do my Christmas shopping and get cracking with my new-found hobby of ‘Del Boy wheeling and dealing’, I’ve begun to wonder what exactly it was that took up my all of my time before.

It feels a little bit like when you have conversations with people who already have children and they tell you that you should be making the most of the time you have now because when you have kids of your own, you’ll long for these days.

I didn’t realise I was on autopilot before, but as circumstances have changed, I’ve adapted and found time that I didn’t know I had.

If you think about it carefully, how much of your life would you say is spent on autopilot? Are you living with intention or simply going about your normal day-to-day routine? If it’s the latter, what can you do this week to shake things up a little and start breaking out of your usual habits? 

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An organisation coach specialising in regaining control at work. Replace feeling stressed and overwhelmed with a calm and confident can-do attitude.

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